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Pillars of the Leyweb

A number of Pillars litter the world, and there are two distinct types; an older variant known as the "Primordial Pillars", and a newer variant only found in Antir, known as the "Pillars of Ascendance".   These new pillars were constructed by the Sect of Ovea and other Enoh. Every single one of them sits atop a Vitus Hotspot, and they link together much of the Leyweb in Antir. The majority of which are actually situated underground, in the Underdepths, though the location of many has been lost to knowledge and the depths.   They are often covered in runes of an unknown scripture and some have depictions of slavery, sacrifice, and worship. Some scholars have noticed the similarities between the two races that are often pictured worshipping a third unknown race, appearing like the Enoh and the Jordsmi. This has sparked curiosity in many historians given the violent relationship the two races have had in the past. The Last Khasmari War though now long ago, is still in the memories and thoughts of all Enoh and Jordsmi.   Only one place has been found with a Pillar and depiction so well intact, far beneath the Tacitus Facility, in a great underground hall carven from the rock. The vast hall echoed the hum of the Pillar, which was connected by grooves in the stone floor to rows of blood stained chains and ash. This has given credence to the theory of Vitus Hotspot creation or alteration being manmade. Currently this remains the only known Pillar that is "activated" in Antir and hums with energy. Though others have been found with the grooves, in varying patterns or size. These Pillars of Ascendance are smaller, rougher, and far more unstable than their Primordial Pillar counterparts. These new pillars are thought to be a cheap imitation of the older original ones.   As for the Primordial Pillars, most of these are found outside of Antir. Currently the whereabouts of only two of these is known, rumour and legend suggest one is in the Fara Grovelands (though it hasn't actually been found yet), and another pillar to the south, in the great rainforests.
Monument, Large

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