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Sima Caldera

The caldera covers the entire bay area, reaching to the nearby islands, which are the peaks from the side cones of the main magma chamber and vent. This means the entire city of Sima sits within the caldera. It is the last remaining active volcano in Antir, all others since becoming dormant or extinct.   Originally the island volcanoes were thought to each be distinct and separate, until an expedition in the Underdepths beneath the bay area uncovered evidence of the supervolcano.   The area is of some importance to the The Bergar Folkheritage, seen as semi-sacred, almost like a pilgrimage site. It is said to be the great workshop of the ancestor-deities.


The bay of the caldera harbours a number of ecosystems and an abundance of life. Though the whole area is dangerous, unpredictable, and in many cases hostile, life still exists, though in an often highly specialised way, with many species being endemic to the area. The Arbacoral forests cover significant parts of the sea floor, and finding thermal vents nearby each with their own little ecosystem independent of the rest of the bay isn't unusual.

Natural Resources

The caldera and bay are home to the only known sources of abundant Abyssium in Antir. These are entirely found deep beneath the bay, and are both a major economic and strategic resource for the Co-Principality of Simar. The caldera is also home to numerous other resources, including some that are far rarer elsewhere in Antir; like volcanic glass or obsidian. Though these are of lesser importance to the nearby city of Sima, they are nonetheless mined, shaped, and crafted into beautiful trinkets or decorations.
Alternative Name(s)
The Bay Of Fire, The Bergar Furnace
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
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