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Avitus Range

The largest mountain range in Antir, it runs along the entire western edge of the mainland. In the centre of the range, sits the Sima Caldera and supervolcano, which is the only corridor for wind and easy access to the sea in an otherwise unbroken and impenetrable wall.


Though not the highest mountains in Antir like in the Hoarfrost Peaks, there are considerably more mountains here, running for thousands of kilometres. The range is also the most volcanically active, though most of the range at this point is dormant or extinct, with the Sima Caldera being the only exception.


With the range being so vast and running vertically north to south, it transitions through numerous biomes and climate zones. This ranges from the temperate and humid areas of the far south, to the drier temperate areas in the centre, all the way up to the sub-arctic and tundra areas in the far north near Lake Ostravia. The western sides of the range are buffeted by fierce winds and the ocean waves on a frequent basis, with the eastern sides facing no such extremes, with calm and mild weather.
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The Western Wall, Shield Of Antir
Mountain Range
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