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The Enoh are a species of sturdy Elf kin, native to the planet, and mostly concentrated in the Third Empire of Enoh and its capital, Enohwhenua. They are pale white with brown or black hair.    They are descended from a branch of Nympharum, and thus have a distant common ancestor from the Fara, being in the same family, but not genus, with hybridisation and crossbreeding not possible between them. They can however have offspring with the Sumiini, being descended from a closer ancestor of the Dryadalis genus.

Basic Information


Between 1.7 metres and 2.2 metres tall, they have a lean but sturdy muscular make up. Often weighing between 60 and 70kg.

Growth Rate & Stages

Their maturity age is around 40-50, with an unknown lifespan, possibly unaging with Enoh magic, but this is highly disputed as Enoh above the age of 500 are extremely rare at this point in time.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Previously covering vast areas of Eptan, these days they are more limited to Enohwhenua and its surrounding meadows and plains.
Scientific Name
Nympharum Dryadalis Enoii
Atleast 500 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution
Related Organizations
Related Ethnicities

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