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The Enoh are a sturdy species, native to the planet, and mostly concentrated in the Third Empire of Enoh and its capital, Enohwhenua. Their history is rich and long, both glorious and terrible. They have a strong affinity for Vitus, and have studied it for millennia. This deep connection is one possible reason for their widely varied mental state and their highly polarised natures; being either extremely enigmatic or disciplined.   They are descended from a branch of Nympharum, and thus have a distant common ancestor from the Fara (though this is disputed), being in the same family, but not genus, with hybridisation and crossbreeding not possible between them. They can however have offspring with the Sumiini, being descended from a closer ancestor of the Dryadalis genus.

Basic Information


Anthropoid and bipedal, they are particularly bony and veiny on their arms and hands, as well as their foreheads. Their noses are bony and flat, and connect to two vertical tusks that protrude from the cheek bones. Their eyebrows are strong, and create a deep crease at the top of the nose in a "V" shape. At the opposite end of the eyebrows there are two more tusks that point out, continuing in the same direction as said eyebrows. These secondary tusks are much smaller, however, and their fangs are larger than is typical for most other races.   Their skin is a very light green-creamy colour, where the closer to the feet or hands you get, the stronger the green becomes. There are a pair of ridges that run from the forehead and over the top of the head, in a pointed-oval shape connecting with the "V" above the nose.

Growth Rate & Stages

They continue developing until they're about 20 years old, being considered children up until the age of 40-50, and finally becoming adults around the age of 80. Anyone over the age of 500 is often viewed as an elder, though Enoh above the age of 500 are extremely rare at this point in time. They are however able to live longer than this, but they have an unknown lifespan.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

They mostly inhabit the Third Empire of Enoh and its major cities, Enohwhenua, Enoh'Iter, and Pursa'Itas. They did however previously cover other areas of Eptan, notably the lost Origin Isles.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Their most prominent language is Enohch, though it has many tiers and structures. There exists one creole, with Driisadae. They also developed a constructed language, known as Creation Speech, that melds both parts of Enohch and Elder Speech.
Scientific Name
Nympharum Dryadalis Enoii
Atleast 500 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Related Organizations
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