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Origin Isles

A collection of islands once belonging to the First Empire of Enoh and the Second Empire of Enoh. Contact was lost during the Purification.   It was home to the great city of Enohwhe. The location is no longer known to the Enoh in Antir, though research suggests it to be somewhere south or west of the continent. Despite this, the Third Empire of Enoh still claims ownership and sovereignty over the islands.


What little is known of the islands comes mostly from written records. There were supposedly multiple islands, with a central one that was home to Enohwhe. The islands are said to be lush, filled with forests, verdant plains, and beautiful mountains. The mountains were volcanic, and gave the islands exceedingly rich soil. Between the isles were vast amounts of coral reef, rich in fish, pearls, and sponges. Some of the beauty may have been embellished by the writers, though, given the island chains almost deification in the histories of the Enoh-Hoana.
Alternative Name(s)
Womb Of Enoh
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