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The first and oldest Enoh settlement on Antir, it also marks the beginning of the Era of Migration. The first steps an Enoh took on this land are commemorated by a plaque in the centre of the city, beneath two vast stone archways over 200m tall, and 340m wide. These archways are called the Gates of Enoh, and they used to mark the colonial boundaries for settlers arriving from the homeland. Nowadays, they are simply a landmark and reminder of the past.   The Gates of Enoh have long been studied, but the exact cause of their formation is unknown. Scholars argue over whether they are naturally occurring or not. If constructed however, it would almost certainly have been with Vitus, and at an astounding level of control at that. Certain theories suggest they are a shrine or temple. Drilling and subsurface examination of the composition of the archways is also forbidden, not only for fear of collapse, but for their almost sacred value. Some suggest there is a high concentration of Brio Crystals within, and that this too could be the cause for their strange formation.   The Gates do however provide shelter and protection to the area, both physically and metaphysically. This makes the Fens of Enoh one of the safest places above the surface. The city thus farms a large amount of food in the fertile delta, allowing frequent harvests, much of which also feeds those in Enohwhenua, making this city vital to the entire country.   When first settled, the city was the capital and centre of administration for the colonies here in Antir. The capital was moved to Enohwhenua over some 2000 years later.
Founding Date
640 BA
Trade post
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