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Fens of Enoh

The fens cover the estuary of the Oen-Iti River, in the far south-western part of Antir. Enoh'Iter sits in it's centre; covering much of the estuary, which is in turn surrounded by farmlands and fisheries of all kinds.


The fens are, in actuality, not a fen, but rather a marsh, specifically a salt marsh. The term "fen" was probably a miscommunication between Enoh'Iter settlers when they first arrived, and the leadership in Enohwhe. The estuary and salt marshes are rich in biodiversity, with abundant fish, crustaceans, and molluscs.


It is here where the first Enoh landed in Antir, which gives the area its name. The area was uninhabited when they arrived, and they have owned it ever since. As the first colonial outpost, it rapidly developed farmland to sustain a continued growth in population. This was done without lack or care for the local environment, and many times over its history it has lead to flooding, blight, and unstable harvests. The city of Enoh'Iter has had to spend vast amounts of time and effort rectifying and fixing these problems. These days the fens are in a much more stable position, with regular and controlled harvests.
Alternative Name(s)
The First Port, The New Delta
Estuary / River delta
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Included Locations
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