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This ethnicity and culture stems from the Empire of Enoh and mainly the city of Enohwhenua. There are variations in the ethnicity demonym, not because of confusion, but because of a strict hierarchy of class and status established within the Enoh lands.   Enoh, is the highest term, all members of the senate and government are considered this, a sort of pure-blood title, where their bloodlines can be traced back the millennia to the founding of the First Empire of Enoh.   Enohwhe' refers to those that were born or were present in the former capital (Enohwhe), before the Purification and subsequent collapse of the Second Empire of Enoh.   Enoh-Hoana is a more general term, that often refers to the normal citizenry, as well as the ethnicity in its entirety.   Lastly, Enohea, is more a derogatory term, for those considered "not-quite" Enoh, they are of impure blood and status (some are considered half-breeds between Enoh and other species, whether they actually are or not), considered vermin by some of the nobility.   (When referring to the people as a whole, Enoh-Hoana is often shortened to Enoh, thus the common name for their species, not to be confused with the title for "pure" Enoh).
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