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Brio Crystals

Illis Crystals   The green lumo-crystals re-discovered by Captain Illis are used across the Free Republic of Ceter to light up cave systems. They were found originally under the sea that fills the Channel of Ergensos, in a tunnel system that runs beneath the water and connects with Nore. The area had never been explored that far before, due to the dark horrors that lived, or spawned, down in the depths. The crystals seemed to resonate with energy, and cause a slight disruption to most magic.   Back in the labs, they discovered the crystals had an inner core, that had to be lit by a spark of magic. Once lit, the core would glow and light up the crystals for a seemingly indefinite amount of time, making them perfect lamps for the caves.   Eventually, the research went deeper into the make up of the crystals, and under a classified research project, the Ceterese realised the crystals themselves were a link between the planets, linking Eptan with the Planet of Abyss. This was the cause for the creatures found in the places these crystals appeared, as they were surmised to have originated from the Abyssal world. It is theorised the Abyssal planet could be not unlike Eptan, except with much deeper oceans and pressure. This further confirmed their link with the other two Brio Crystals.   Horde Crystals   The crimson coloured crystals are much rarer than the Illis crystals, and much more volatile. In 2360 PA, there are only a handful that are known to exist, locations and methods for retrieving others have been forgotten. In the core of these crystals is a black smoke that is always lit and alive, as if it is trying to claw its way out of its mineral prison. these crystals are often also smaller, usually only reaching 5-10cm long, though with a few reaching as large as 30cm.   When they are cracked even slightly, a powerful explosion immediately follows as the crystal shatters and the huge stores of Vitus trapped inside escape. This is why they are extremely dangerous, and great care is needed when handling them. These were prominently used in the Last Khasmari War by both sides to great and devastating effect, most notably as Horde crystal-tipped arrows and ballista bolts, which detonated upon impact.   Swarm Crystals   Slightly smaller in size to Horde crystals, but exceedingly rarer, Swarm crystals are not held in any known place. Very little detail surrounds them, but they are supposedly a dark purple colour, with a much more voracious smoke-core. Their power is said to be between 10 and 100 fold of a Horde crystal's, a single one being able to level entire cities.


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