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The Sect of Ovea

Ovea is a goddess of the Enoh-Hoana, who used to be the primary goddess of the First Empire of Enoh and the Second Empire of Enoh. She is the goddess of power, Vitus, and obedience.   The sect itself is thought to be extinct, but many of the Pillars of the Leyweb littering the Underdepths have either been recently tainted by them, or new ones erected by them. The sect uses the pillars as staging points for blood sacrifices and draining, either by the poor souls they have captured, or by willing supplicants.


The sect was created at the inception of the First Empire of Enoh, and alongside the Adjudicators they were considered one of the Enoh-Hoana's most important institutions and groups. From their inception to their dissolution they were considered sacred, wise, and important. Their approval was needed for declarations of war, their attendance was needed for any and all sacrifices, and their veto's over any and all laws was heeded.   Hosted in the Great Sepulchre of Ovea in Enohwhe, they consisted originally of three "Ovea Mothers" who represented Ovea's will made manifest on Eptan, and thus were considered a sacred extention of her will. The Great Sepulchre was supposedly where her spirit was harboured and nurtured, at the foot of the senate and dug down into the ground.    During the Second Empire of Enoh the Sect and Ovea Mothers took on the role of imperial executioners, with all executions and sacrifices in the Origin Isles to be held in front of the Great Sepulchre; the blood and Vitus allowed to run down to the sepulchre in honour of Ovea.


They were a key factor and part of the events leading up to the Purification, and during it they orchestrated numerous atrocities upon their fellow Enoh. They were on the losing side, and their dissolution was one of the key goals for ending the war. They have not since been reintroduced into the larger society of Enoh.

Born Superior

1176 BA - 1894 PA (Disputed)

Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
Mother's Guild, The Purifier's Chosen
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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