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The Purification

The great civil war and mass genocide that surrounds the collapse of the Second Empire of Enoh. The end of the 38-year civil war marks the beginning of the Third Empire of Enoh.   1856 PA is the year where the Enoh-Hoana calendar of New Genecia, or NG, begins at 0. This puts the current year of 2360 PA at 504 NG.   It was during this turmoil that the last vestiges of Creation Speech were destroyed, when the Origin Isles collapsed. It was a language so entwined with natural forces, that it was said to imbue your magic with more ferocity, and to carve its runes into your sceptre would improve the wielders fine control.

The Conflict


The civil strife within the Second Empire of Enoh started to spiral out of control in the aftermath of the Cascade. Such an atrocity sparked a great divide in the Enoh people. This divide only grew as the Last Khasmari War came to a close, and thus started the Purification. The involvement and control that the Sect of Ovea had in orchestrating a lot of the events both leading up to the Purification and during it, are disputed.

The Engagement

Over the course of the 38 years over a hundred engagements were recorded, ranging in size from a few hundred combatants, to the hundreds of thousands. At multiple occasions the civilians were often caught in the crossfire, or purposefully targeted. This caused large portions of the population to eventually choose a side, with some estimates suggesting over 90 to 95% of Enoh were involved directly in the war. Extremely few battles or engagements kept prisoners of war, and mercy was nearly non-existent, with the defeated slaughtered whenever possible.


For the first few years after the end of the war, an uneasy peace was formed. The divide between the two ideologies was still clear and stark in both the politics of the country, and its ordinary life. Hunting of the remaining Purified believers was fierce during this time, with some local influential leaders occasionally trying to restart the movement and war, though to no success. Starvation, poverty, and death to the harsh environment was common during the aftermath, and they wouldn't stabilise for more than a decade. Much of the food producing systems in Enohwhenua and Enoh'Iter had to be rebuilt.


The loss of population and the abandonment of much of the cities was evident for decades after the war. For many years, little to no art or celebrations were held, and a deathly sombre mood followed all areas of life. Within the Senate, politics was stifled and cautious, and only projects focused on restoring some semblance of quality of life and security were enacted. Militarisation was kept low for decades, as was involvement with outside powers or states, which only prolonged and exacerbated the problems they faced.

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

Interestingly, the war both advanced and reversed technological progress. Ancient knowledge, traditions, and incantations were lost, but the war also accelerated technological advancement and the creation of new spells. These advancements however were usually focused on the rapid or painful destruction of enemies, and not on the building, harvesting, or productive uses of Vitus. A number of atrocities were committed in the name of technological advancement, and the Brio-Tipped Arrowheads were a particular favourite of the Purified, allowing total annihilation of their foes.
Conflict Type
Start Date
1856 PA
Ending Date
1894 PA
Conflict Result
The Awoken victorious, state changed into the Third Empire of Enoh.



Around 850,000 active or supporting. 

Possibly up to 1,000,000 aligned or leaning.
Around 950,000 active or supporting. 
Possibly up to 1,200,000 aligned or leaning.


650,000 to 700,000
500,000 to 600,000


The "purification" and eradication of any Enoh that were not deemed pure, loyal, and believed in the supremacy of the Enoh-Hoana.
The dissolution of the Sect of Ovea, and the reformation of the armed forces with a newly formed government.

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