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The world upon which the realm of Antir exists, amongst others. It is one of the planets orbiting the twin stars of Henno and Cenno. It is often considered a part of the "Skyfamily", referred to as the "Skyhome", as well as seen as the "Lifeguide".    Roughly the same size as Earth, with a similarly dense atmosphere. The atmospheric makeup is however slightly different with a higher amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases caused by the frequent volcanic activity littering both the Underdepths and the surface. This can give way to areas of land that appear like smoke or toxic gas emanating from nowhere, when in reality it is just escaping from vents underground. These gases can often cover and fill entire areas or caverns, sometimes in a matter of moments, making them hazardous to traverse.   The planet is extremely biodiverse, with a number of native sentient species, and a range of habitats from mistforests to fungal caverns, to the haunting ocean depths.
Alternative Name(s)
Skyhome, Lifeguide
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