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The Awakening

The Awakening was a historical event of era changing importance and magnitude. Lasting 20 years, it forever changed the layout of the world and introduced more volatile areas of Vitus known as "Vitus Hotspots". Here, a large concentration of force and Vitus were to be found, that sent out ripples or waves of power in all directions, often causing vast amounts of destruction.   Much of the information about this time and its events have been lost to time, its documents and scriptures simply destroyed, more often than not during the chaos itself. Culture and society collapsed following the catastrophe, so there are very few records created from shortly after the Awakening, the surviving pieces coming from atleast 200 years or more after, with questionable reliability and a lot of conjecture.   This has meant the stories and knowledge have become a sort of myth or legend, whilst based in truth and rough evidence, they are filled in with guesswork and wonderings. It is, however, widely believed that much of the more disastrous and terrible events, along with their sense of scale and power, are indeed accurate and true, and that it is merely the filling in pieces and joining events that are the conjecture.
Date of First Recording
From 210 PA onwards
Date of Setting
10 BA to 10 PA
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