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Vitus Hotspots & Leylines

Vitus Hotspots are singular points in the world that hold immense Vitus and potential. How they do this is unknown, as is the nature of their creation. Myth suggests they appeared during the Awakening, and some scholars suggest they are manmade. The vast amount of energy needed to create a hotspot has been a subject of intense debate for hundreds of years and is the main point of controversy. The main theory relies on huge amounts of sacrifice performed at a single moment to achieve this level of Vitus concentration.   The hotspots ripple out this power in a sort of wave of invisible energy, in an irregular manner, much like a star giving off stellar flares. This wave often disrupts the nearby area, though usually only to minor tremors or other phenomenon. They can however, if provoked or disturbed (whether intentionally or not), send out a wave of such power and magnitude that it causes devastation with earthquakes, collapsing caverns, and rockslides. If this happens under the sea, tsunamis and turbulence can form, that travel far from the epicentre.   The Vitus Leylines are caused not by some strange supernatural phenomenon, but instead by a systemic repetition of slowly leaking Vitus into the environment, most usually along old paths and roads. In this sense, the Leylines aren't strictly natural, but are instead "manmade". As people walk a path or route more and more often, the leeching Vitus slowly builds up in the ground and environment surrounding it, and after reaching a critical mass, the Vitus will stick together like a long thin clot, invisible, but tangible.   Land based trade routes are the most common places for Leylines that are publicly known about. However, there a number that lay hidden, and these are often between Pillars that denote a pilgrimage or religious route (often for sacrifice).   This criss-crossing of the Leylines and their links can be referred to as a whole; the Leyweb.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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