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The first capital of the Enoh, from both the First Empire of Enoh and Second Empire of Enoh.   Its exact location is unknown, though it was presumably somewhere on the Origin Isles. It is said in their folklore that the Enoh came to Eptan from some other planet, and they brought a single seedling with them. This seedling grew into the great tree that held the senate house in its canopy. The tree grew so massive, many speculate on how it was possible, especially in such a short amount of time. Given the history of the Enoh-Hoana, scholars often suggest the tree was fed Vitus and blood from great sacrifices, presumably from war prisoners. The small details left about the Enoh mythos points to the Planet of Lush Jungle being their homeworld, though this is highly debated.

Sometime during the Purification

Founding Date
Unknown, possibly 1176 BA
In excess of 1 million before destruction.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under

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