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The Adjudicators

The Adjudicators (or Senatorial Adjudicators) are the highest ranking Vitus users in the Enoh world. On the battlefield and during war, their word is law, second only to the consuls. The title and position is also pseudo-political and carries with it the power to overrule any jurisdictional sentence, whether for themselves or someone else. They do, however, have to answer any call to summons by a consul, and have to undertake mandatory training on a regular basis; though how often has changed throughout their history.



The Adjudicators are equipped with state provided and owned armour, sceptre, and Brio Crystals. They were often also provided with basic medical supplies and gold. The helmet provided would contain the symbol of a Senatorial Adjudicator: a singular band of gold that circled the head and ended in a steep arrow pointing down their forehead, upon a helmet of crimson.


The training is rigorous, difficult, and dangerous. It is not uncommon for more than half to perish or to severely injure themselves during the training. The training focuses on three aspects; Vitus control, incantations and spells, and lastly the study of law and history. The Vitus control and incantation parts of the training are both closely linked and responsible for the vast amount of danger encountered. Trainees are taught to push the limits of their Vitus control as far as possible, both internally and externally. This can often lead to self-inflicted Vitus Rot.



Only the very best Vitus Vocators are chosen to become Adjudicators, and only those who have served in a political office or judicial seat may do so, though the ranking and specifics may be vastly different to others that are also chosen. It is also not unheard of for questionable candidates to be chosen because of influential and powerful family ties or sponsorships.


Throughout history, the position has changed little in power, rank, and prestige. It is one of the oldest continuously running positions of power not only in Enoh history, but also in the world, and was first created at the inception of the First Empire of Enoh. It was created initially as a personal guard to the consuls or leaders of the country, though it has now broadened out into the full military and political position it is today. Originally consisting of just a handful of guards, it's numbers have slowly swelled. During the Last Khasmari War and the Purification it reached it's highest numbers, at around 500.
Special Forces
1176 BA
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy

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