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Eanth Steppes

The vast steppes home to most Ootaki/Karatarkan, reaching as far north as Karataki, and extending all the way west to Sima, south to Enohwhenua, and east to the Crorveil Rift.


The steppes are almost entirely flat meadows, with a few areas containing very low hills. The winds that blow through the area deposit few minerals, having already travelled hundreds of kilometres from the coast. This has made the entire area lack in fertility for growing any reasonable amount of crops, though it is perfect grazing ground. Flanked on the north and south by rivers, much of its freshwater comes from the rains, which then filter down into underground reservoirs and lakes.


The great meadows have often been the staging ground for conflict between the Enoh and the Ootaki/Karatarkan. This has at times lead to vast scorching of areas of the steppes. This in turn has created large swathes of land that would be barren for decades, as the grass' naturally slow growth and lack of fertility hampered regrowth into the burnt areas. It was not uncommon to find such empty areas, though in the current era of peace most of these have recovered.
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The Great Burnt Meadows, The Grass Ocean
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