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A fortified hilltop founded by the First Empire of Enoh, which is now where Qyte Sëmurë is situated.   It sits in the middle of the Gap of Mea, from which it takes its name. Being from the time of the First Empire of Enoh, there is little knowledge that remains about it. Any knowledge that there is left, is most likely sealed within the walls of Qyte Sëmurë. However, since it is an "Itas", it is clear the hilltop was originally settled and fortified most likely to guard the eastern edges of the colonies, the gap being a perfect choke point for defence.   When the citadel fell exactly, is unknown, though in records it coincides with the first mentions of Qyte Sëmurë and the Windswept Blight appearing. This places it around 5 PA to 7 PA.

Between 5 PA - 7 PA

Founding Date
Unknown, before 100 BA.
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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