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Gap of Mea

The Gap of Mea, more commonly called the Gap of Mea'Itas thanks to the city and history that was its most prominent feature, is an area of flatlands between the Crorveil Rift and the forests running the coast south of the Kauhoe Bayou. It covers the natural choke point that separates the Kauhoe Bayou from the Fens of Enoh and the Oen-Iti River.   It has been contested historically between the Enoh-Hoana and the Khasmari, though now the Sërrëa own it exclusively.   It has a sole outcrop hill that overlooks most of the plains, where Qyte Sëmurë is now situated (previously Mea'Itas).


The single hilltop sits in the centre of the plains, giving a striking view across the gap. The highlands of the Crorveil Rift can be seen from the hilltop, connected only by a vast meadow. The area sits at the very beginning of the cyclone tunnel, which often fills the gap with winds in excess of 150Km/h. Towards the east, the meadows change into the Kauhoe Bayou, also visible from Qyte Sëmurë. The winds make any form of agriculture a futile endeavour, though the area as a perfect barrier and effective guard station or border, separating the west and east.


Originally the area was settled by the Enoh, with the outpost of Mea'Itas during the First Empire of Enoh. Mea'Itas was replaced by Qyte Sëmurë, which has been the owner and only settlement in the area ever since.
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