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One of the three remaining Enoh cities that has lasted since the previous empires, and still remains under their control. As its "Itas" name shows, it was originally settled as a fortified citadel or outpost, much like its ancient sister city, Qyte Sëmurë.   It was settled during the Second Empire of Enoh, most likely as a solid bastion against the Empire of Khasimar, as it sits on the western side of the Crorveil Rift. During this time, the citadel never saw any significant growth, and mostly remained as a military outpost, though a fairly large one. Only since the end of the Last Khasmari War, and the subsequent Purification, has the city seen large scale growth and diversification away from the military core.   It is sometimes referred to as Skyhaven Citadel, which refers to the original citadel built at the top of a large platform of rock jutting out of the mountainside, overlooking the city and Eanth Steppes. The city does, despite its diversification, still retain the highest military presence and largest armed forces in the country.   The city has a port on the Oen-Iti River, which is within viewing distance from the citadel, only two kilometres or so away. The riverport is fortified with a small outpost and towers, and a large paved road between it and the city proper.


Mostly Enoh.
Founding Date
210 PA
Alternative Name(s)
Skyhaven Citadel
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization


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