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The Deeprails

A railway system spanning the underground beneath Antir, it used to cover the entire continent, but now only exists in Khasruvgard and the surrounding area.   The system moves trams and carts, and it is most often powered by waterwheels or gravity. Some leftover, disconnected parts are seen and heard in various parts across the continent of Antir, and this has given rise to many folktales and horror stories surrounding the haunting, creaking sounds the rusted wheels and tracks echo out down abandoned and lost tunnels or mines.

Purpose / Function

In its earlier years, up until the Cascade, it had a number of uses. This included public transport, movement of ores, metals, and goods, as well as use by the military, both for its soldiers and the armour/weapons needed. It even linked cities both within and outside of the Empire of Khasimar.   At the current point in time, it is limited to the transport of ore from a few outlying mines, to the centre of Khasruvgard, where the foundries are located. It sits in the mind and hearts of all Jordsmi, and is seen as a monument of sorts, a reminder of better days, but the need to expand it to its previous size and capabilities is no longer there.


Originally the trams were manned in their early years, until automated brakes and levers were set on timers crafted by the best of the Khasmari. When the Last Khasmari War started however, they re-manned some of the systems, and fortified the trams and carts. In areas near the frontlines, and in areas of particular importance, the front cart was armed with a large repeating ballista that could hold a cartridge of 5 bolts, each a metre long and formed of solid metal, known as a Khasmari Tramlance. Often, a few armed crew would be spread along the tram armed with ranged weapons, ready for any attack from the Enoh-Hoana, or any other haunting creature from the Underdepths.


The largest and most important infrastructure in the Empire of Khasimar, it was built over hundreds of years, ever expanding. During the Cascade, however, it was used as the staging point for many of the detonation sites. The parts under the current Crorveil Rift were destroyed, and had to be rebuilt. Before the detonation, it was at its peak, and it has yet to reach such a size once more, even some 500 years later.
Founding Date
Around 100 PA
Alternative Names
The Darktrams, The Mine's Sirens
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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