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Sister species to the Aguhabi. The deepfolk of the east, who dwell deep under the mountains of the Crorveil Rift.   They are actually technically speaking the ancestors of the Aguhabi, who have recently split from the Jordsmi and the Jorsmii Petrus species. They are thus in the same family and genus, and can also have hybridised offspring together. Scholars argue over whether they should be considered subspecies, races, or breeds within the Jorsmii Petrus species or not, however.

Basic Information


Anthropoid and bipedal, they have a strong skeletal structure and are built to withstand the deep pressures of the Underdepths with ease. Their muscles are strong and dense, and their skin is thick, rough, and hard. This makes them especially adapted to digging, tunnelling, and mining. Their skin is usually a white or light tan colour. Their lungs and blood are also especially adapted to the stale and dusty air of the mines and underground, capable of pulling more oxygen from less air than most other sentient species.

Growth Rate & Stages

They continue developing until they're about 40 years old, being considered children up until the age of 30, and finally becoming adults around the age of 50. Anyone over the age of 250 is often viewed as an elder.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

To assist in the breathing in the Underdepths, they also have four nostrils; two rows, one above the other. The higher pair are usually slightly smaller and closer together. Each of the four nostrils can be controlled and closed independently of each other. This allows them to completely shut off airflow whenever a cave in or dust cloud appears. Their nose and top lip are fused, and connect to two feelers or tentacles, which hang down to their chests. The feelers are prehensile and flexible.    They also possess eyes adapted specifically for the darkness, with large pupils and thin blue iris'. Other light colours such as grey or green also exist, but they are less common. Their ears are more sensitive than most other species, as are the soles of their feet. Through their feet they can sense tremors and movement as well as discern what type of movement or creature it is. The more sensitive of the species can also tell if vibrations have passed through water or different types of stone and metal.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Mostly within the Deephold of Khas'Zar and Khasruvgard, with a sizeable number in Sima, though they can be found in other cities or mines.   They do however have a many number of ruined and abandoned settlements throughout the continent, mostly under mountain ranges. These are left untouched, and are often filled with numerous dangers, centuries old.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Rithnar is their primary language, though there are creoles with Orkun and Hamātuā, as well as a number of regional dialects both for Sima and the separated areas of the Crorveil Rift.     Their language is unique, and it lends itself towards runic magic, and they are the only society to widely use it, alongside the Aguhabi.
Scientific Name
Altus Jorsmii Petrus
300-350 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution
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