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Khasmia, Abyssium, and Phytium

Khasmia, or Chasm ore, is the Jordsmi's most sought after metal element. They use it in a variety of weapons, objects, and tools. They sell a vast amount to the Aguhabi. It can be combined with Abyssium, or Ocean-Depth ore, to produce an extraordinary compound, only made by the Agu-Smi kin. This alloy is known as Phytium.   Both elements and the alloy they make, share similar properties with the Brio Crystals, being a remarkable conduit for Vitus. During the Last Khasmari War, the Empire of Khasimar used weapons and armour made from this alloy, and it is said that this is the reason only they were able to stand up to the Enoh-Hoana and their empires. The Phytium is able to absorb Vitus based attacks much more readily than other materials, and seems to be a perfect compound for wards and shields.   The veins and mines for these metals are running dry, and much of the old weapons, armours, and ingots were lost during various wars, making them both highly valuable and sought after.
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