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The Last Khasmari War

The Last Khasmari War was between the Second Empire of Enoh and the Empire of Khasimar, and subsequently caused both the fracturing of the Empire of Khasimar into the Dwarfhold of Khas'Zar and the Co-Principality of Simar, as well as the cataclysmic spiral of the Second Empire of Enoh into the Purification and the Third Empire of Enoh.   The war lasted 14 years, and covered half the continent of Antir. The war used many new experimental technologies and spells, most of which were untested and consumed both friend and foe.

The Conflict


In the years leading up to the war, the borders and areas surrounding Pursa'Itas saw contention and small scale skirmishes, mostly between patrols, border guards, and small squadrons. The Second Empire of Enoh had long sought to gain more of a foothold in the Crorveil Rift, particularly for the rich minerals and resources the mountains held.   Both sides, however, anticipated an escalation and thus both started mobilising their troops and fortifying the border regions a year prior to the outbreak of the war. This was nothing new between the two empires, so many of the older forts and outpost were simply regarrisoned.

The Engagement

A number of battles and engagements took place, usually in the Crorveil Rift, the Deeprails, or the Underdepths. The Enoh were the first to attack, and from the get go the Khasmari were on the defence.

Historical Significance


Among the Khasmari and their descendants (the Simaza and Khasza), it caused a near extinction of their peoples and altered their view on war and power, transforming their societies into the peaceful and productive, though proud, countries that they are today.   For the Enoh-Hoana it instead dented their pride, and was seen as an obstacle to overcome and hide. This caused a vast divide in the opinions of its citizens, and was one of the main factors that lead up to the Purification.
Included Conflicts
Conflict Type
Start Date
1842 PA
Ending Date
1856 PA
Conflict Result
Inconclusive; both sides fell into civil war.


The Second Empire of Enoh
The Empire of Khasimar


200,000 Total:
100,000 Heavy Infantry
80,000 Archers
10,000 Engineers and Smiths
8,000 Karataki Cavalry
1,500 Vitus Vocators
500 Adjudicators
100,000 Total:
70,000 Heavy Infantry
20,000 Engineer-Archers
8,000 Smiths
2,000 Unyielding


81,700 Armed Forces:
50,000 Heavy Infantry
20,000 Archers
2,000 Engineers and Smiths
8,000 Karataki Cavalry
1,500 Vitus Vocators
200 Adjudicators
  ~25,000 Civilians
90,300 Armed Forces:
65,000 Heavy Infantry
18,000 Engineer-Archers
7,000 Smiths
300 Unyielding
  ~300,000 Civilians


Control over the Crorveil Rift and subjugation of the Empire of Khasimar.
Retaining sovereignty and control over the Crorveil Rift. Destruction of Pursa'Itas or it's surrounding fortifications.

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