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The current capital and largest city of the Jordsmi. It was settled after the disaster at the Ruins of Jordac, during the Awakening. It has since been a bastion of Khasza power and technology, with the great mines and foundries running deep into the mountains. The city itself runs so far down as to actually reach the Underdepths, and it utilises the running water there to power its immense system of tramways and cart tracks, known as the Deeprails, the last surviving remnants of a once continent-spanning system.   During the Cascade, large portions of the city were decimated. The city nowadays sits beneath that area, sometimes referred to as "Old Khasruvgard", which in essence is little more than rubble, collapsed caverns, and overrun tunnels.
Founding Date
5 PA
Alternative Name(s)
The Jordsmi Capital, Rocktomb City
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