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A now extinct ethnicity and culture, since split into the Khasza and the Simaza, caused by the fracture of the Empire of Khasimar.   Like its now successor cultures, Khasmari also had a reverence of the darkness, and often its citizens would compete for delving the deepest into the bowels of the world. More religious than its successors, the Khasmari revered personifications of the darkness, as well as the creatures and artefacts they would discover. The further beneath the surface one was, the closer to their deities they were deemed to be, believing all life started in the centre of the planet. Forging ones own path to the depths was seen as more righteous or true, and so the use of the Underdepths to do so quicker was often scorned or looked down upon.   This lead the Khasmari to have the worlds most sophisticated system of transport and communication that didn't include the Underdepths.


Major language groups and dialects

Diverged ethnicities
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