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A now extinct ethnicity and culture, since split into the Khasza and the Simaza, caused by the fracture of the Empire of Khasimar.   Like its now successor cultures, Khasmari also had a reverence of the darkness, and often its citizens would compete for delving the deepest into the bowels of the world. More religious than its successors, the Khasmari revered personifications of the darkness, as well as the creatures and artefacts they would discover. The further beneath the surface one was, the closer to their deities they were deemed to be, believing all life started in the centre of the planet. Forging ones own path to the depths was seen as more righteous or true, and so the use of the Underdepths to do so quicker was often scorned or looked down upon.   This lead the Khasmari to have the worlds most sophisticated system of transport and communication that didn't rely on the naturally occuring parts of the Underdepths; the Deeprails.


Major language groups and dialects

During it's existence Lost Khasmari was the primary language, which died with the culture. This makes it the successor to the Rithnar language, and it is sometimes referred to as "Old Rithnar", though in reality Rithnar should be "New Khasmari". The language was intricately linked with the culture and its religion.

Culture and cultural heritage

A large part of their culture revolved around the military and having a strong web of fortifications, rituals, and secure systems to protect their people. This is in part because of their history - being eradicated from all other parts of Eptan. This spurred the rapid development of a strong sense of stubbornness to survive in the Khasmari. Much of their fortifications are ruined and abandoned, and many of their ingenious systems are lost. The only surviving text is about how they had a crop rotation and sharing system that allowed all parts of the empire to survive if any was lost or had a famine, possibly involving the Deeprails and a complex system of waterwheel and gravity powered machines that dried out, preserved, and shipped the crops around autonomously.

Common Myths and Legends

Although much of their history and legends have been lost, most destroyed in the Cascade or lost in the Ruins of Jordac, they did believe in the Bergar Folkheritage. They believed the ancestor-deities created them from salt crystals in the planets core, or possibly in the Sima Caldera (otherwise known as the Bergar Furnace).

Major organizations

The culture first evolved with the creation of the Empire of Khasimar, when the Jordsmi were wiped out by the Eptani of the south, relegating them soley to Antir. The culture lasted the entirety of the empire's existence.
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