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The Bergar Folkheritage

The Bergar Folkheritage is an ancient belief system, originally started with the Khasmari. The ideas that formed the basis of the system come from the haunting sounds and moving darkness they experienced in the Underdepths, the creaking and groaning sounds of moving stone and rock, the echoes of cave-ins and rock slides. They believed the rock was alive, living and breathing, as if a deity or ancestor of their people. The belief really became cemented in Khasmari culture when they found the great salt crystal caverns that would eventually become the Bergar Sanctums.   These sanctums were seen as the artwork of the ancestor-deities, to mirror the starlight from above, though for what purpose is unknown. The ancestor-deities are believed to live near the core of the planet, so the deeper one travels, the more sacred it is. For everyone that embraces this idea, they are considered kin, regardless of their worldly origin, they are accepted into their folk and share a heritage under the great understarlight; the guiding light of the deep dwelling folk.   For anyone that discovers a new sanctum, they are given the honourific "Stardelver". The title signifies they are chosen, gifted with the luck of the ancestor-deities. A follower of the belief system will simply be called a "folk", and many will revere or have a specific sanctum they prefer, forming what are known as "folkcommunes". Almost all of the rituals and ceremonies that happen are completed in the pitch black darkness of an unlit Bergar Sanctum, for a closer connection to the ancestor-deities.    One particular area of importance is the Sima Caldera, sometimes referred to as the "Bergar Furnace", a place of creation and artwork, like a giant workshop for the ancestor-deities.

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