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The Tremorsingers are closely linked to the Bergar Folkheritage and they take part in a number of rituals and ceremonies, with their powerful and mesmerising chants. They work barefoot and barehanded, crouched down to feel the vibrations of the ground, hands and feet pressed firmly to the floor. To become a Tremorsinger, one must have a super-sensitivity in their hands and feet, even more so than a typical Jordsmi. Even the highest estimates put the percentage of Jordsmi able to be a Tremorsinger at less than 0.5%.    They first listen the rock itself, in silence, listening to the sound the planet makes. This gives them a local bearing. Second, they use large and deep drums to hear the reverberations from the low notes, which allows them to separate the local ores and rocks, painting them a picture of what is around and where. Lastly, and most famously, they let out various chants, often with long deep notes that can travel for kilometres, gently shaking the floor. They will vary the pitch and tone according to what they hear back and discover as they work. This gives them a highly detailed picture of the purity of ores, the quality of the stone, and the microcaverns or gaps in the rock.   References to the Tremorsingers go as far back as written documents survive. Though often the oldest texts give them a near deified reverence, the exploits of some ancient Tremorsingers more myth than reality. Some claim they can physically move the rocks with their voices, or perhaps "convince" the rock to move of its own accordance, being so in tune with the stone that they simply converse with it, asking it to move. This is still to this day referred to as a "Plea to the Stars Beneath".



Tremorsingers fulfil mainly two roles; the religious and the industrious. For many, their day to day lives are focused on the industrial side; they explore and discover new caverns, new ore veins, and help with cave-ins and safety. Their insight is considered invaluable, and even in this sense they are treated with a pseudo-religious reverence, especially when they assist in rescuing or locating survivors of a collapse.   When they take on their religious duties and rituals, they are front and centre, sharing the ceremony's duties with any associated Stardelvers. These rituals are often performed in the pitch black, for a closer connection to the ancestor-deities.
Alternative Names
Tremorchanters, Bergar Messengers
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