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The people and culture predominantly from Sima, but also the wider Co-Principality of Simar. The intricate symbiosis and habitat of the Aguhabi that so prominently appear in this culture have influenced its views and traditions. The Simaza are at home in the waters and depths of the world, as well as its underground caverns and tunnelways, for they attribute a strange reverence to the darkness (much like the Khasza and Khasmari do). They see it as a way of communing more spiritually with each other and the ancestor-deities.   This has lead to the culture having a fascination and pull to the deep abyss of the oceans, with myth and rumour suggesting the symbiote attached to the precursor species of the Aguhabi even originating from the deepest depths. As the culture has grown further from the Khasmari and Khasza, they have developed a much more intrepid attitude, becoming experts in oceanic exploration.


Culture and cultural heritage

Since they are a relatively new culture, descended from the Khasmari, they are similar to their sister culture, the Khasza. They have scorned the militaristic tendencies of their forbearers, but kept the incredible level of skill attained by their guilds. They are the preeminent producers of Phytium, unmatched in its use and control. What distinguishes them most from their cousins, is their explorer spirit.

Foods & Cuisine

Given their habitat, much of their cuisine contains fish (both from the oceans and the Underdepths), as well as a large amount of Arbacoral. As they are the only people to farm ocean Arbacoral, they are also the largest exporter of it to other cultures and nations. This has given their cuisine a unique texture and taste.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

It is common for the Simaza to head out on expeditions to discover new ocean tunnelways, deep sea vents, and to map the ocean floor. This is particularly the case whenever Henno is in full moon. This cyclical tradition is known as "Nightseeking", and the majority of the Simaza take part in it.

Common Taboos

It is a taboo to touch or grasp a Simaza's feeler, as they are considered extensions of the mind. Grasping one is the equivalent of saying they lack a brain, or are a simple unevolved creature - "there is no extension of your mind in here", or that their mind "doesn't reach outside of your skull".

Common Myths and Legends

The Simaza also follow the Bergar Folkheritage, but a local idea and sect has started to revere the Sima Caldera. They believe this is the home and workshop of the ancestor-deities, and where they may have been first sculpted into existence. Increasingly more Nightseekers head there, in hopes of finding greater Bergar Sanctums.

Major organizations

The culture is mostly found within the Co-Principality of Simar, and it's capital Sima.
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