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The people and culture predominantly from Sima, but also the wider Co-Principality of Simar. The intricate symbiosis and habitat of the Aguhabi that so prominently appear in this culture have influenced its views and traditions. The Simaza are at home in the waters and depths of the world, as well as its underground caverns and tunnelways, for they attribute a strange reverence to the darkness (much like the Khasza and Khasmari do). They see it as a way of communing more spiritually with each other, and any deities they hold dear to their clans.    This has lead to the culture having a fascination and pull to the Planet of Abyss, with myth and rumour suggesting the symbiote attached to the precursor species of the Aguhabi even originating from here.


Major language groups and dialects

Rithnar, with an Agu dialect.

Major organizations

Parent ethnicities
Encompassed species
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