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The native language spoken by the Jordsmi and wider Khasza group, as well as the Aguhabi and wider Simaza group. Guttural and rough, but powerful and ancient, the language has remained unchanged for millennia given the nature of those who speak it and their isolation.   The language is particularly unique in that is very well adapted to being used as runes. When inscribed onto a tool, weapon, or even a bone, they have a remarkable affinity for connecting correctly between the "host" and the "instruction" and acting as a strong binding. This means there are less failures and loss of Vitus in Rithnar enchantments and rune magic.

Writing System

The alphabet used consists of no curved lines, only straight, given it was originally carved into stone with a chisel and this was easiest/quickest to do. There are two systems of writing/alphabet used here - every single letter will have its own symbol, and which you can string in a line (top to bottom/vertically) to form words, and then left to right with these "towers" of words to form a sentence. The other system relies on "stacking" the letters on top of one another in the same space, to give a complicated symbol meaning a single word, phrase, or even an entire sentence or meaning. These two systems are not separate however, and my be used in conjunction with one another, and the "tower" for a word may itself contain single letters and these word-symbols to give an even larger meaning or word. However, the complicated symbols are the only ones used for enchanting and magical inscriptions, and thus there are many symbols depicting complicated uses of elements, Vitus, and actions.


1 Words.
Root Languages
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Aza jor'sa kaksza
I sense your stone<br><br><br>


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