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The language spoken by the Sëmutera within the Councilship of Qyte Sëmurë. The language is descended mostly from the Elder Tongue, though it has been influenced considerably by Lost Khasmari too, given its locale and limited use outside of the city of Qyte Sëmurë.   Sëmurese is rather unique linguistically, appearing almost as a separate language family. Even though it shares the same root language as Enohch and Driisadae, it shares a very small amount of similar words, syntax, and general sound. It has a more guttural and rough sound, perhaps owing to Lost Khasmari. Alongside Rithnar, it is used in the reconstruction of the Lost Khasmari language, but outside scholars are often forbidden entry into Qyte Sëmurë, so progress is slow.
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