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The Bergar Sanctums

When the Khasmari tunnelled deep into the mountains, they came across these great caverns of salt crystal. Some of the crystals had grown so large that even a few Khasmari couldn't wrap around them, whilst chaining their hands together. The rooms had a huge range in crystal types, colours, sizes, and locations. Being in the Underdepths, a number of them had pools of bright blue water, which often reflected the beautifully glistening crystal pillars. To the Khasmari, it appeared as if the starlight from above had been captured and brought down into these caverns, by some unknown power. Eventually a belief system evolved around these magnificent crystal-filled caverns, nowadays referred to as the Bergar Folkheritage.   These vast caverns became sanctums, sacred rooms to the Bergar Folkheritage. The rooms themselves would be left untouched, though the entrances would often be widened to "extend" the cavern so that the newly carved area could act as an entrance and worship area, with the full view of the cavern on display. These entrances areas are known as "Bergar Steps", as they are a single step above the main part of the sanctum, to show respect to the higher power that inhabits the sanctum, as it is believed the ancestor-deities live in the core of the planet. It is customary to be bare foot and bare handed in the sanctums, to feel grounded and closer to the understarlight.   It is here in the Bergar Sanctums that the rituals of the folkheritage take place.
Alternative Names
The Ancestor-Deities Workshops
Natural Wonder
Owning Organization


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