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Khasmari Tramlance

The Khasmari first worked on plans for the Tramlance in the build up to the Last Khasmari War, somewhere around 1830 PA. They were created to help fortify the trams and carts in the Deeprails, against both the Enoh and the creatures of the Underdepths.

Manufacturing process

As of the current year, much of the knowledge on how to build these weapons has been lost. The lust for war gone, and the loss of much of the Deeprails has made it unnecessary. A few remain on some of the surviving trams of the era, though it is exceedingly rare to find one, especially in full working order, and even rarer still with bolts or a cartridge.


The large ballista base went through various prototypes, and was originally only a single shot weapon. It was decided in testing that the rate of fire had to be increased to make it effective given the lack of supporting troops it would find itself with. Later iterations solved various loading flaws and common malfunctions, followed by increasingly powerful bolts and launch wires. Tramlance IX was the variation chosen to be produced, which had metre long bolts of solid metal, and a cartridge able to hold 5 bolts that could fire every 2 seconds. A second cartridge was often carried with the operator, and on important trams the front carriage (that housed the Tramlance) would often include extra cartridges. When mounted in the front cart, they were attached to a 360 degree swivel base with rangefinders and sights added after.


When first introduced during the war, they allowed the Khasmari to effectively and easily hold the frontlines near the rail systems. The bolts and rate of fire were devastating to their enemies, with an extraordinary amount of accuracy for such a large weapon. Their effectiveness slowly dropped as the war dragged on, though they still held considerable power and significance up until the Cascade, which made them almost worthless overnight.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Creation Date
Around 1830 PA
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