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The Cascade

One of the last major events in the Last Khasmari War, it was the decisive blow that finally ended the war, and the Empire of Khasimar.   The Enoh had been working on the Brio Crystals, and used them to line the Deeprails under what is now the Crorveil Rift.

The Conflict


The Enoh-Hoana placed the Brio Crystals at every station, mine, and railway junction that they had won over the course of the war, including at many of the Khasmari held areas too. They achieved this by sending volunteers on a one way trip to plant the crystals covertly. Some estimates suggest as much as 95% of the Deeprails was primed in this way.


When the entire line was detonated at once, not only was the entire Deeprails under the mountains destroyed, but it caused a runaway effect that started the collapse of every cavern, city, and mine under the entire mountain range. The area was the birthplace of the Empire of Khasimar, and it's people had been building and mining there for millennia.   Such an explosion triggered the cave-in of the tallest peaks in the range, sending them tumbling down thousands of metres. What was left, was a large valley in the centre of the mountain range, creating what is now the Crorveil Rift.   In a single moment, the Enoh had caused not only the death of untold millions, but the almost utter erasure of the Khasmari culture, people, and history, one they would never recover from. They had also single-handedly caused the continents largest recorded eptanquake that sent a wave out over the continent, hitting many other cities and races, including their own. Millions of years worth of mountain build-up was gone.


In the aftermath, cities across the continent had to rebuild from the rubble. The refugees of the Empire of Khasimar were few and far between, and had only Sima to run to, but without an operating Deeprails, they had to cross the plains above, or traverse the Underdepths. Many did not make it to Sima. A small number of Jordsmi chose to stay in Khasruvgard and try to rebuild, though the rebuilding effort only gained major traction after the war finally finished.    It made those living in Sima at the time however, start to fully back the Last Khasmari War, launching the final push and last year of the war.   Back in the Second Empire of Enoh, it had the opposite effect. Many finally awoke to the atrocities committed by their leaders, claiming this to be one step too far. It only accelerated the civil strife that would eventually lead to the Purification.
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Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Start Date
1855 PA
Ending Date
1855 PA


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