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The capital of the Co-Principality of Simar, and former colony of Khasruvgard.   The city itself sits on the seafloor, amongst an Arbacoral forest, at a depth of 85 metres. The houses are mostly submerged under the seafloor, with large roofs in a dome shape, made from tempered glass. This allows residents to see the bioluminescent glow of various Arbacoral species and sea creatures, like an underwater starlight.    Beneath this top residential layer, lay various caverns, floors, and tunnels. Some of which are submerged, and thus only accessible to aquatic species, such as the Aguhabi, and some are filled with air. The bottom layer of the city, is where the vast forges and smelteries sit. These use the pressure and heat from the deep to create works and alloys unseen elsewhere, most notably the Phytium the city is famed for, though the lack of Khasmia imports stifles production.
Founding Date
187 PA
Alternative Name(s)
Khasmari's Jewel, Abyssal City
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