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Ruins of Jordac

The citadel of the Jordsmi and the Aguhabi before the divergence of their species, when they were united in all aspects as one. The first Jordsmi settlement and bastion of technology, it was destroyed by a ripple of power from a Vitus Hotspot, during the Awakening.   Before the collapse of the great citadel, it was the only home of the Jordsmi and those that managed to flee the destruction (some 20,000) are the ancestors of all living Jordsmi and Aguhabi. Among the roughly 380,000 lost included the main royal dynasty. The rulers of the Empire of Khasimar were descended from a branch house from that fateful dynasty, and continue to rule now in the Deephold of Khas'Zar. The Princes of the Co-Principality of Simar are a further branch of that from the Empire of Khasimar, and so have even further diluted royal blood.

During the Era of Awakening.

Unknown - Estimates around 400,000.
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