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Qyte Sëmurë

Qyte Sëmurë is one of only two major cities within the Kauhoe Bayou (the other being Hamār), and has been since the first born. It has a population of almost 1.1 million, making it one of the largest cities on the continent. Each district consists of approximately 110,000 people (for a total of 10), but they vary in total land area because of the infrastructure within them. The only place within the city that is not apart of a district is the Schools of Mëy'nente, which resides in the centre, upon a great hill-cliff, with only one entrance; a great stairway made of solid white stone leading to the entrance hall. The Schools of Mëy'nente go deep underground, and house a vast repository of knowledge, its only rival being the Academy in Enohwhenua. Much of the deeper halls contain scrolls and books that are untouched for millennia. The schools are cumulatively larger than the rest of the city.   The city is also surrounded by an almost circular wall, which whilst ancient, is formidable and solid. The area the city covers is small given its population, which is one of the densest on the planet. The blocks of apartments have thick walls of stone, mined from under the city, and an equal amount of apartments exist beneath the ground level, as they mine the rock in the shape of more living spaces, rather than as open pit mines.


Entirely Sëmurese speaking Sëmutera.
Founding Date
Around 5 PA - 7 PA
Alternative Name(s)
1.1 million
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
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Owning Organization


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