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The origin and ancestors of the Sëmutera are disputed, though they are considered native to Eptan. It is often theorised they are either descended from the Enoh, or that they are a mutated version of them due to the Windswept Blight. A few argue they are instead related to the Mantuā Repo, but no conclusive research has yet been done.   If they are indeed related to the Nympharum Dryadalis genus, then they could hybridise with the Sumiini and Enoh, but no such individual yet exists.

Basic Information


The Sëmutera appear like a mix between the Enoh and Mantuā Repo, but with only three fingers (and a thumb), and with veins of bright blue, that pulse as if filled with energy. Their skin is a rough and murky green colour. They are also anthropoid and bipedal, with a strong and prominent bone structure. Much like the Enoh they also have noses that are bony and flat, and that connect to two vertical tusks that protrude from the cheek bones. Their eyebrows are strong, and create a deep crease at the top of the nose in a "V" shape. However, they do not posses the eyebrow horns, and the skin colour stays consistent across their body.    The tops of their hands and feet, and all the way up their forearms and shins is a hard leather-like patch, like a growth. This trait is similar to the Mantuā Repo, and is suspected to be caused by the Kauhoe Disorder.

Growth Rate & Stages

They continue developing until they're about 100-150 years old, being considered children up until the age of 100, and finally becoming adults at 150-160. Elders are usually at least 1000 years old, though they are rarely seen, many never leaving the hidden depths of Qyte Sëmurë. They are able to live far longer than this, given both their own genealogy and the Kauhoe Disorder making them unaging beyond 200.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their main pair of eyes are a striking yellow - though there are actually four in total. The usual pair either side of the nose, with a smaller pair on the outsides of those, slightly further up. This secondary pair are entirely black, with no whites or iris, and do not see in the visible light spectrum, but instead in infrared - particularly useful in the Underdepths.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

They have only ever inhabited Qyte Sëmurë, and it is extraordinarily rare to find any that have left its ancient walls.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Their most prominent language is Sëmurese. There are no creoles or dialects, but they are some of the very few that are able to learn Lost Khasmari and Elder Speech, though to varying effect.
Scientific Name
Nympharum Dryadalis (disputed) Pestimorbus
Enoh (disputed)
Unknown, at least 1000-1100 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities


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