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Their culture is focused almost solely around magical arts, and the furthering of knowledge in this. They follow a philosophy named ‘Kërra Urë’, or in common tongue; “Knowledge Above”, this is partially the reason for their advanced magic and way of life within the city. In the centre of the city stands the Schools of Mëy'nente, within it there lies countless scrolls, books, and all manners of learning. This is the Sërrëa's most important building, and where the focus of their culture and philosophy lies, it is also the place in which the Elders and the Chosen reside, being seats of their government. Most work here and spend their entire lives researching their chosen affinities. The Revered also live here, but in the depths of the schools, far below the surface.   This vast knowledge has made the Sërrëa secretive and wary of outsiders, so much so that it has become a part of their culture and identity as a race. The Kauhoe Bayou only helps to keep it so. The Sëmutera appear immune to most diseases in the Kauhoe Bayou, whether they evolved to be like this or not is unknown, but the bayou is the perfect barrier; they may leave, but others may not so easily enter.   Their children go to learn at the Schools of Mëy'nente from the moment they talk, and it is said they don’t leave for a hundred years or more.


Major language groups and dialects

Sëmurese, with no notable creoles or dialects.

Major organizations

Only found in the Councilship of Qyte Sëmurë.
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken
Related Locations

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