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Councilship of Qyte Sëmurë

The rulers of Qyte Sëmurë, the city has a government system involving two groups; the Elders, and the Chosen. The Elders are simply the oldest and wisest of the Sërrëa, they are the advisers to the Chosen, with some occasionally also elected as a Chosen themselves. Although they do not own any real power or authority, they are respected and their advice is often taken, or at the very least heeded. The Chosen however, do have the power and authority. These are a group of ten elected leaders, one from each district of the city (which have been divided into equal populations of 105,000, for a total population of 1.1 million). There is never a single leader with more power than anyone else, and thus all matters are spread equally among all of the Chosen.   However, there has still been notable Chosen over the centuries, whether through charisma, excellent statesmanship, or bribery. This has also lead to the unforeseen ‘problem’ of fame passing down to their children, and it has caused these to be elected on basis of their parent’s merit, rather than their own. This has unintentionally caused a sort of hereditary nobility, meaning some families have had power for countless centuries.   The elections to be a Chosen take place every 50 years, and often have three to four candidates from every city district. To become an Elder however requires that a previous Elder dies or resigns, and the next suitable Elder is then chosen.

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Founding Date
Sometime after the city founding, around 10 PA - 15 PA
Geopolitical, City council
Predecessor Organization
Government System
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