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Oen-Iti River

Running from the Eanth Steppes north of Enohwhenua, all the way to the estuary; the Fens of Enoh. It's tributaries start from both the Avitus Range and the Crorveil Rift, meeting in the centre of the plains to merge into a great river that slowly meanders south, depositing silt and nutrients.


Ever since the Enoh first arrived on Antir, they have used the river for a myriad things from travelling and exploration, to farming and drinking water. It is so critical to the Enoh-Hoana that it has earned the nicknames "Lifegiver" and "Enoh's Vein". Control over the river is often a top priority during times of war, but these days there are few outposts and defences along it, though it is more than ever teeming with ships and trade. All three major cities of the Third Empire of Enoh sit upon the river, or in the case of Pursa'Itas; very nearby, with a port and defences constructed linking the two.
Alternative Name(s)
Enoh's Vein, Lifegiver
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