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Eskar Straits

The straits are situated directly between Zaresca and Orkan. Strong sea winds flow through the straits near constantly, which provide ample force for sailing ships to conduct trade across the northern continents. Thus passing through the straits is the highest trade volume in Antir, both by raw tonnage and value.


The straits have long been contested by the Trade League of Zaresca and the Merchant Republic of Orkan, as it controls access out to the surface ocean between Antir and the Temultus Isles. Due to the nature of the two countries, this has usually been through sanctions, and not direct conflict. In the earliest years of Zaresca's existence, it alone controlled the entire straits.   Although rare, cyclones have also been known to pass through the area on their way back out to the ocean.
Alternative Name(s)
Straits of Zaresca
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