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Lake Pahanar

The lake is situated in the centre of the Kauhoe Bayou, splitting the east and west. Its tributaries flow down from the Crorveil Rift, with the lake draining southwards to the ocean. Both the tributaries and the river that flow out of the lake are simply called the "Pahanar Rivers".    The lake is also home to Hamār, and is covered by a fog and miasma that never dissipates. The gases have a murky yellow colour, and gather here because of the open area the lake provides.


Slightly distinct from its surroundings in the bayou, the lake has a somewhat more toxic ecosystem. The plants and creatures here have a higher resistance to the miasma, and it has rendered them mostly inedible, especially to non-natives of the area. Much of the ecosystem is beneath the waters surface, away from the worst of the miasma. The muddy lakebed is filled with flatfish, stalkers, and large nymph-insects that can measure over 30cm long. A lot of the aquatic life here relies on feelers and electroreception to "see", given the murky waters.
Alternative Name(s)
The Toxic Lake, The Dead's Pool
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