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Goldensap, or Amberrock, is the name given to a fossilised plant resin that is mined across the entirety of Eptan for its high Vitus concentration and beauty. This means the name "Goldensap" is actually a misnomer, as there is no sap in the material, only resin. Goldensap has a deep and strong amber glow in the centre, like that of honey, and it has a relatively low melting point when compared to metals, and is easily maleable and crafted into many shapes or items. Almost all of the Goldensap is however kept either raw just as it is mined, or molded into pure bars, as a Vitus store.


Geology & Geography

Found across Eptan, a notable mine exists in the Goldensap Bay in Casde.
Deep Amber, Golden hues
Melting / Freezing Point
250 Celsius
Common State
Solid; as Amberrock/Fossilised Goldensap


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