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List of Features by Guild Level

This page lists World Anvil’s many worldbuilding features by Guild level and type. Scroll down to see what you have access to, and what other features await you!


How do I upgrade to the Guild?

If you don’t yet have a Guild membership, go to our pricing page to upgrade. If you’re not sure which membership you need, start out with Master and you can always upgrade to a higher tier later!


How do I upgrade my guild membership?

If you already have a guild membership, you can upgrade via your account page! If you’re having trouble, please email us at contact[at] and we’ll get you sorted.


I have a problem with my guild account!

Please email us at contact[at] so we can fix it ASAP!


I want to gift a membership to someone else!

That’s so lovely! You can purchase World Anvil gift memberships here.


I want a World Anvil lifetime membership!

Wow, that’s awesome! You’ll find a Lifetime tab at the top of our pricing page, next to Monthly and Yearly.


I have “venerable status”. What does that get me?

Holy moly, you’ve been with us for a long time; thank you for all your support! <3 You’ll have some extra expanded limits not reflected on this page, but you can check your membership page to view them.



The Master tier is ideal for beginner worldbuilders. It gives access to important core worldbuilding features.


The Grandmaster tier offers more customization options, more subscriber seats (think beta readers or west marches games) and access to all the new features first!


The Sage tier is for serious worldbuilders and professional users, like authors, publishers, game studios, pro-GMs and streamers.

At a glance

All features from the Freeman Tier plus:

  • 2 GB Storage
  • 4 Co-authors
  • 10 subscribers
  • 10 RPG campaigns
  • 10 worlds
  • Unlimited articles, maps, timelines, and manuscripts

  • Private worlds, characters & campaigns
  • No adverts for you or your readers or players
  • More maps features: Guild-exclusive pins, layers, lines & marker groups
  • Family trees & diplomacy webs
  • Manuscripts: our novel-writing software

At a glance

All features from the Master Tier plus:

  • 5 GB Storage
  • 9 Co-authors
  • 100 subscribers
  • 20 RPG campaigns
  • Unlimited worlds
  • Unlimited articles, maps, timelines, and manuscripts

  • Subscriber-only containers (insert private blocks in public articles)
  • Full map features: polygonal, circular, custom & HTML map markers
  • Custom CSS containers & sections
  • Custom worldbuilding templates
  • Create your own RPG sheet templates

At a glance

All features from the Grandmaster Tier plus:

  • 15 GB Storage
  • 20 Co-authors
  • 1000 subscribers
  • Unlimited RPG campaigns
  • Unlimited worlds
  • Unlimited articles, maps, timelines, and manuscripts

  • White labeling (remove World Anvil branding)
  • Mass-subscriber management for customers
  • Custom URL redirect
  • Monthly professional workshops & seminars
  • Subscriber-access codes & password-protected articles


  • Unlimited worlds
  • Additional homepage customization

RPG features


Visuals, themes & CSS styling


Professional features

  • Monthly professional workshops & seminars
  • Promotional opportunities via official World Anvil channels
  • Access to the World Anvil freelancers programme


  • 100 coins per day you log in


  • User API tokens
  • API application key request

You can also contact us at [email protected] for bespoke professional packages beyond the limits shown here.

Epic Hero

The Epic Hero subscription is designed for RPG players who want more options in the RPG Character Manager!


Epic Hero subscribers get access to everything that Freemen get, plus:

  • No ads visible to you
  • Private RPG characters
  RPG Character customization
  • Custom RPG character URL
  • Character RPG profile CSS

Journeyman (deprecated)

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Journeyman is a deprecated membership tier, which is no longer available. Users still holding a Journeyman membership from before its deprecation will keep the following benefits beyond the Freeman tier:


New feature modules


Advanced privacy settings

  • Private worlds & articles
  • Secrets
  • 2 co-authors
  • 5 subscribers
  • Hide articles from the table of contents
  • Hide child articles from the table of contents



Expanded limits


Image options


Map options

  • Unlimited maps, layers & markers
  • Additional Guild-exclusive markers

CSS options

  • Guild visual themes
  • World CSS panel & on-the-fly CSS editor
  • Per-article CSS
  • Authoring panel CSS customization

BBCode options