Neverwinter Stories: Campaign 1 — Session 46

Book One: The Trees of Life and Death — Chapter Forty-Six: A Favor for Melv

General Summary

After a long rest on the surface, the Redwings returned to the Wilting Maze, this time bringing Sheldanna. Once at the bottom, Melv opened the passage to Furtîlorn's darkest depths and provided them their cover story. One of the Duchess of Shimmering Silk's daughters was being married to Dako, and Melv was responsible for sending an escort to retrieve her and bring her to the Evergreen Palace. He warned how the depths resist life and all its facets, told them to keep going down until they found a village, then saw them off.
  It wasn't long before they stumbled upon Trogo in those rocky caverns. He had done some scouting and reported that he had found a clay shingled roof. He led the way, and sure enough, they found the top of a large, long-buried structure. Our heroes dropped down through an opening and began poking through its dilapidated halls. As they explored, they started to find more than just the remnants of the previous owners. Disturbing elements of their pasts started appearing: the assembled bones of Lilith's deceased cat, a painting depicting the sudden death of Markus' childhood friend, and the ghost of Alessandra's dead lover, Jocelyn Hucrele, manifested alongside other members of her former cult and accused her of cheating on him with Matthias. Alessandra was overwhelmed with guilt, but Markus banished the ghost with a healthy dose of holy water before they could harm her. They then steeled themselves and moved to the foyer.
  The dragon knight briefly stepped onto a balcony, but that was enough for the mists to spirit him away. He then found himself in a more eerie version of the estate separate from the others. As he wandered the empty halls, he found trails of blood that led to depression in the ground. Suddenly, several spindly white arms erupted from it and attempted to lunge at him. But before he could react, a torrent of blood burst through the nearby windows and washed him away.
  Askra went into a panic as they desperately searched for him. They followed the sound of gently rising ballroom music through damp corridors. It led them to a brightly lit ballroom packed with refined elves dancing to the melody. Pushing through the crowd, the party's host presented himself, the specter of a long-forgotten elvish nobleman. As the voice of this magical place, he told the party the ruin gave new life to the souls and bad memories that clung to those who entered. Then, with a devious smile, he invited our heroes to dinner. Cautiously, they obliged as the illusion of the ballroom faded away.
  Once seated in the dining hall, the host alluded to everyone how the souls enjoyed slowly drawing their retribution. Then, Markus, who was charmed to believe he was a butler, reappeared with a platter of severed fingers. The knight passed out one per person as the elf revealed Worvil's brutal crimes in Icewind Dale—those who couldn't offer tribute in coins to his employers would pay in fingers. The dwarven crime lord defended himself, arguing that he did what he had to survive. Alessandra and Askra scrutinized this, but it wasn't long until he ran out of excuses.
  Suddenly, an unknown monster crashed against the nearby door, startling the adventurers. They wanted to find a way out—fast. After collecting Markus in the kitchen and breaking his enchantment, they bolted for the stairs and attempted to return to where they came. However, sliding stairs and shifting furniture slowed their progress. Eventually, the ghosts of Jocelyn and other scions halted it, and the undead monster caught up. Pinsured on either side, they were forced to fight for their freedom.

Rewards Granted

Many valuables were collected during their exploration: ancient armlets, hairbrushes, jewelery, and coinage. All those items could be sold to collects for incredible sums of money.

Character(s) interacted with

The party was briefed by Melv about the nature of their mission and was provided a cover. They then decended deeper with Worvil "the Weevil", Trogo "Good Shot", and Sheldanna.
  The specter of an long-forgotten elf and his entorage of ghosts taunted and tormented the Redwings as the explored ancient ruins.


  • Despite Worvil and Alessandra's protests, the rest of the party believes that doing Melv's favor will give them more leverage when they meet the Evergreen Queen.
  • Askra reckoned (and correctly) that the nature of these depths would likely dampen any healing magic.
  • Lilith and Markus pocketed her cat's skeleton and the painting of the owlbear attack respectively.
  • Lilith's cat's name was Greywhiskers. He was killed by Nathalia as a punishment.
  • In addittion, Markus took an old elvish wooden doll as a gift for Alice.
  • In the study, they found old high magic diagrams. Alessandra destroyed them after they deemed them potentially dangerous.
  • The undead host revealed that the ruin was the source the River of the Lost.
Report Date
13 Sep 2021
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