Inktober 2019 Day 18: Misfit

Today's Prompt:

A culture of people who live on the edge of society and who generally… do not belong. A sole wanderer, a vagabond of strange character and composure. An organization of extraordinary oddities with a common cause. Who sticks out? Who goes unseen? Who are these misfits?

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18 Oct, 2019 13:30
Dr Jimothy
Jimmy Shrekson
25 Oct, 2019 17:53

Just out of curiosity how do you get it to be the title of your article that comes up? I can't find a way and am stuck with heretical link-pasting. whatifiboughtfastfoodandpasseditoffasmyowncookingwhatifiboughtfastfoodandpasseditoffasmyowncookingwhatifiboughtfastfoodandpasseditoffasmyowncooking

25 Oct, 2019 19:10

You can use bbcode tags in the comments, not just in the articles.   You can also use the code links available from the edit page.   The WA codex is your friend in these matters ;)

Dr Jimothy
Jimmy Shrekson
26 Oct, 2019 12:06

Thanks! Remember to hail Shaggy and stay funky.

18 Oct, 2019 13:38
Eric Ehlers
18 Oct, 2019 16:42
Zeke Lionhart
Luiz Henrique P. de Carvalho
18 Oct, 2019 20:37

Drow size

In dire times, the men in power need very well trained and specialized assassins. In Archana they are locked down and put into a harsh routine of intensive training. From this group the Drow rose, a race born from the use of Dark magic for assassination.

18 Oct, 2019 21:00
Visandar the Unliving
Visandar the Unliving
18 Oct, 2019 22:53

Just something very quick for today. One of these crows feels off? Because he's watching.  

19 Oct, 2019 00:55

(this is my first time drawing eri, my story's protagonist. she's the only human in kariem)

19 Oct, 2019 01:46

Kelissana Eralyn
19 Oct, 2019 07:49

19 Oct, 2019 11:28
Ariel Webster
19 Oct, 2019 16:13
19 Oct, 2019 23:31

Troublefinder Flag by Erik Baldassano

Sage Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
20 Oct, 2019 13:09

The Dancing Misfits
Organization | Nov 19, 2020

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
20 Oct, 2019 14:01

The Skardel trio are three half-elf sibling nobles who the rest of the nobility does not want. In the case of the youngest, Zoyaseon, the feeling is mutual.

Inktober 18 - Misfit by Isaac Thompson

Writer of Tiyu Amara, and The Last Line
20 Oct, 2019 18:57
20 Oct, 2019 20:56

A bit late as the last prompts, but here you have.

Visit Daeliha, Iphars & Khulgran
Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
Hey look, I have a CYOA maybe you wanna play it? :3
20 Oct, 2019 21:11

Day 18: Misfit I wrote a species called Human, Fringer from my continent of Dinoterra.

22 Oct, 2019 15:31

Day 18: Misfit is DONE! or

Your New Author Friend =)
Come see Wanted:Hero
22 Oct, 2019 17:23

24 Oct, 2019 20:55
Dr Jimothy
Jimmy Shrekson
25 Oct, 2019 17:51

26 Oct, 2019 14:49

A misfit in his own right, King Edward would not conform to the cruelty of his family's history, but defied them to begin the dawn of a new era.

Edward of Caisel
Character | Nov 2, 2020

The founder of the Empire.

27 Oct, 2019 07:26

27 Oct, 2019 19:10

Here is a few notes on a character I've been toying with for awhile. I'd flesh it out more but I need to catch up with prompts. Dhampire, Female

Drew Peppley
27 Oct, 2019 23:31

30 Oct, 2019 13:53

A tale of two misfits, locked in battle.

30 Oct, 2019 16:25

Something needs to change or nothing can fit.

by Snake__Venom

31 Oct, 2019 02:18


1 Nov, 2019 15:48