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Helenia Marten

My old teacher used to say that everyone has a place in this world. Well, I have to disagree. My past is ashes. My future a foggy path caught between one side's fear and the other's distrust. For over three hundred years I have wandered aimlessly under the sky. Never found my place and probably never will.
  Every age has its Legends. Its saviors in shining armor and villains bent on destruction. Helenia Marten fits in neither category. Renowned and feared throughout the land, the Witch of Galean is widely acknowledged as one of the most powerful mages of her age, if not all time.   Exile. Outcast. Master of Mana. A thousand names for a thousand deeds and a life full of contradictions. While not as influential as others, there is no doubt that she earned the title of legend a dozen times over.  

Basic Information

  Status: Exile
Type: Mage, Kugiren Graduate
Rank: 0-1 (never officially given the rank of Master)
Primary Element/s: Fire, Lightning (both mastered)
Secondary Element/s: Wind, Water, Earth (all of them mastered)
Class: Elementalist, Warrior   Note! Mastery over multiple elements and over three centuries of combat experience make her a dangerous opponent. Large numbers and great beasts are her specialties. Only engage in small group of master level mages and/or warriors of equivalent power/skill.   - taken from the Liber Perion by Darius Kaseidis -  


  Most of her early life is shrouded in mystery. We know that she was born on the southern continent of Teamar during the late first century AoD.   We can assume that her Arcane Potential began to show itself between the ages of six and nine (as it usually does) but as the Teamari's relations with the Arcane Hierarchy at the time can be considered frosty at best, no application to one of the Temples manifested itself.       How she survived the Doom of Teamar is unknown as is her life in the immediate aftermath. She was discovered in 108 AoR, in the eastern city of Aldera. Her potential recognized she soon joined the Kugiren Temple.   A quick learner Helenia simply rushed through the ranks, earning the title of Mage a mere two years later. Within another year, she had reached Second Rank and stood on the cusp of being declared a Master of the Arcane Arts. What happened next is once again a mystery. Fact is Helenia broke all contacts with the temple, was exiled from the Arcane Hierarchy and fled to the eastern continent of Aramea.   Since then, she has wandered the world evading contact with any high ranking members of the Hierarchy, applying herself as either mercenary or monster hunter. Among her many deeds, two stand out and it is impossible to talk about Helenia without at least mentioning them.   First was the Battle of Galean in 213 AoR. For three days and nights, Helenia held a bridge against an Ikaran Army over thirty thousand strong. On the morning of the fourth day, the Ikarans fled, leaving over six thousand dead behind. The defeat halted Ikaran expansion for the next century.   Even more impressive her battle against Jaledused, a titan made of mana, flesh and molten rock. Considered a natural disaster by others it had repeatedly annihilated all life in the lands of Gura. On a summer day in the year 337 Helenia killed the Abomination in a battle that would change the very land, leaving a scar several kilometers wide.   In the past century, it has gotten silent around Helenia. However, rumors have reached the High Council that she was seen accompanying a young mage named Yensid. If true, this could easily make her a threat in the eyes of the ancient councilors...  



Physical Appearance

  Tall, thin yet muscular, Helenia is the typical example of a female mage. A beautiful face, two sparkling blue eyes drawing one's attention, is framed by usually long streaks of hair. Its color can vary as she likes to change it via a spell known as Coloring Haze. More often than not, however, it will remain in its natural brown state.   To the naked eye, her skin seems perfect without blemishes or scars, an oddity considering her centuries of fighting. A Mage, however, may become aware of the permanent spell she seems to keep on herself, more specifically her upper torso and left leg.  


  Helenia is not what you would call a fun person to be around. At least at first glance. Additionally, she seems to lack the quirkiness that is so common in other Mages of her rank and/or age. Anyone approaching her, possibly drawn in by her beauty, will easily be turned away by her gruff demeanor, bleak outlook on life and biting sarcasm. Behind that veil, however, is a calm, polite and friendly person. Shown most clearly in her relationship with Yensid, part his mentor and part his elder sister.   By no means a genius, she does have a mind for combat, able to quickly develop new tactics and techniques to deal with her opponent/s. To underestimate her in battle is a death sentence. Facing Helenia means dealing with fast and hard-hitting strikes as well as insidious traps.  
To be quiet honest, I never had any real dreams. I never wanted to become some legendary and powerful mage. I just needed something to lose myself in, you know? Something to strive toward. And what better than the endless well of mystery that is Mana?
Year of Birth
86 HE 3644 Years old
Light Blue
Varies (usually long Brown)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Battle of Galean   The early Age of Restoration had seen the constant expansion of the Ikaran Domain, its armies pushing further and further across Aramea.   By 213, they threatened to overrun the Kingdom of Veridia, which hired a large mercenary contingent to defend itself. However, as the Ikarans approached, the mercenaries turned tail and fled. Only Helenia remained to defend the bridge.   After her victory, Veridia declared the day of her victory a national holiday. Even 200 years later, Marten's Day is still celebrated.  
I may be a mercenary, but I do honor my contracts. Veridia paid me to defend the Galean Bridge and by the gods, I will defend it.
  An Exile but not a Rouge   It is common knowledge that Helenia Marten officially cut ties with the Arcane Hierarchy in 115 AoR.   Curiously she wasn't declared a Rouge for doing so and has since remained in a strange limbo between the honorable and dishonorable members of Mage society.   Outside of her work, she has no connections in the wider world, preferring to travel in solitude. The only exception being a Sadorian farmer she would visit regularly over the years.  
by Mishi McCaig

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Cover image: by Greg Rutkowski
Character Portrait image: by Jackson Tjota


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