Goblins of the Desolate Lands [Inktober Prompt #18 Misfit]


  The realm of Lahar is split into two very different landscapes by the massive Tazalt Mountain Range that divides the continent into two. The western side of the continent is more habitable with larger animals, trees, and forests of a sort and more rainfall. The eastern side of the mountain range is more desolate, with rains happening only a few times per year. Trees are all, but a joke in the region and animals are scarce and small in size.   Even with such a desolate environment, life still endures, and one of those being the Goblins that have made this land home. You will not see them out during the day as they prefer the tunnels and caves of their underground fortress over the blistering heat. In the twilight hours, when the sands cool, the goblins tend to venture out in search of resources. Stealing, foraging, and murder are all courses of actions that the Goblins would take to bring provisions back by morning.   The western Kingdom of Golabra is home to the Slag Elves, who have an odd relationship with the goblins. The Slag Elves learned early on that trying to eradicate the nuisance that is goblins would be near impossible and highly irritating. Instead of attempting to purge the world of them, they decided that they would instead use the little monsters to their bidding.   The goblins set up shop in the sewers and underground tunnels below Golabra and tend to infest the city at night when the Slag Elves are Sleeping. The little misfits are known to cause trouble in the city but have tempered themselves due to the volatile nature of the Slag Elves.

Cover image: Wizard Sleeping WDFC by Jesse


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