Primordial Sorcerers

It was a late night at the Wooden Falcon tavern. Only a few drunks remained. They were the usuals. Paul was close to kicking everyone out for the night when the door clattered open. A woman in a charred robe walked in. She had deep brown hair and looked parched. She stumbled to the counter.   "Water," she said. Paul grabbed a glass and filled it with water. She grabbed the cup and downed the water. She put the glass back down in front of Paul. "More."   He filled it again before asking, "What happened to you?"   She didn't answer, just drank the water. "Can I get a name at least?"   Still no answer. Paul sighed and grabbed a slice of bread, setting it in front of her. "Here. You look hungry."   The woman looked up at him. A tear fell down her cheek and fell into her glass. The water froze instantly. She saw this happen before wiping her face and gaining a cold look. It looked like to Paul that she was bottling her emotions. She ate the bread with a blank face.   The drunk Ade stumbled toward the woman. Paul went to stop him but from behind the bar, he could only reach so far. "Hey there pretty lady," the drunk hiccuped.   She ignored him.   "Hey, I'm talkin' to you!"   "Ade, stop."   Ade blew off Paul. He reached for the lady and grabbed her cloak. "Hey, are you listening?"   Ade yanked the cloak from the woman. Beneath both Paul and Ade saw the numerous burns and scars all over her body. Her clothing was burned up. The woman cried out and yanked at the cloak. Ade didn't let go, his drunken stupidity getting in his way.   Paul started to run around the bar. He was too late. The woman's eye started to burn as she let go of her cloak, sending Ade flying. She let loose a cry of anger and her body started to catch on fire. Balls of fire filled both of her hands as she gave Ade a death glare. Before Paul could get in the way, she threw one of the balls of fire at Ade. He screamed in horror as his body burned. All that remained was ash as the floor under the woman and where Ade was started to burn.   "My gods you've killed him."   She glared at Paul. He wasn't talking to someone who had reason, but a person consumed by emotion. He felt pity for her as he ran to get help. The fires grew larger and the Wooden Falcon went up in flames. Witnesses reported a woman walk from the burning building and off into the night.


When magic was born, Celle, God of Knowledge and Magic burst into existence. At first, it was wild and free. To tame the magic he collected all of the magic and sorted it into eight books that are now known as the eight schools of magic: Transmutation, Divination, Evocation, Abjuration, Necromancy, Conjuration, Illusion, and Enchantment. He gifted these books to eight mortals who were to learn the schools and teach them to all other mortals.   Being gifted with these books their souls were imbued with incredible power. The became the Primordial Sorcerers, able to cast any spell from a single school of magic. Their souls were so intertwined with each school that they escaped the normal cycle of Death and the Afterlife. When each of them died, their souls drifted out into the world and were reborn. However, in death they could not take their books with them and the Books of Primordial Magic were scattered into the world. In their souls, they feel incomplete until they find their Primordial Book once more.

Historical Basis

Reports of infants being born with extraordinary powers have been given, however as the children travel and disappear it is hard to confirm the existence of the Sorcerers. The hardest evidence of the Primordial Sorcerers is the existence of the Books of Primordial Magic. Some historical records have claimed to find these books. The number of these records are high enough that it is generally accepted that these books do exist.


This myth is largely spread among academics. Those searching for the origins of the schools of magic follow the breadcrumbs to the books. The Sorcerers are largely ignored as it's assumed that the Sorcerers have no memory of the origins of magic.

Cultural Reception

These tales fall under the broad myths of various Wanderers. It serves as a cautionary tale to not upset strangers who wander into towns but to also be wary of them. This is but one myth that adds to the dangers of the unknown.

In Literature

The most well known piece of literature that includes a Primordial Sorcerer is a book of fairy tales where a man is cursed to kill everything he cares about. It is widely accepted that this is a tale about the Primordial Sorcerer of Necromancy.

In Art

One of the 99 Paintings of Loranan Nasir is a depiction of Celle and the eight Primoridal Sorcerers.
Related People

Cover image: Leyline of Abundance by Noah Bradley


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